Monday, January 9, 2012

NMAC Coverlet Query: 8-Point Stars, Long Island Type?

This coverlet may be in the National Museum of the American Coverlet, Bedford, Pennsylvania.  I have an ongoing interest in multiple-harness doublecloth coverlets with various sorts of 8-pointed stars and related motifs, particularly those with inscriptions.

If it is not in the NMAC, where is it?

Does this one have an inscription?

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Update:  According to Ms. Melinda Zongor, this coverlet is in the collection of the National Museum of the American Coverlet, Accession No. 2007.001.025.

Its motifs are 8-point stars within 6-block snowballs, halves of which are shown in the illustration here, alternating with 8-point blazing stars within which are small stars with tiny diamond checkerboards within them.

The coverlet has no woven inscription, and the donors to the NMAC had no information on its prior ownership provenance.

Many thanks to Ms. Zongor for the information.

The coverlet's motif format strongly resembles some with Long Island provenance woven in the 1820s, and may be a product of the same shop.  If this conclusion is correct, the coverlet tells us that the weaver of these geometric-design Long Island coverlets wove coverlets both with and without inscriptions, so some were made for specific clients and others perhaps woven as general stock.

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